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Cordant Health Solutions™ is committed to maintaining a robust compliance program throughout our organization. That program strives to uphold the highest level of legal, regulatory, and ethical standards. Cordant is committed to being a trusted advisor and partner to providers and payers.

The creation and existence of the Cordant compliance program is for the prevention and detection of illegal or unethical conduct. Our program focuses on education and on compelling compliant and ethical conduct by our employees and agents. Cordant exercises due-diligence efforts through auditing and monitoring to prevent and detect unethical and unlawful conduct, annual and new-hire compliance training, policies and procedures, and compliance reporting. We promote an organizational tone that encourages ethical conduct, maintains a reporting culture, and stresses our commitment to compliance with all applicable statutes, regulations, and guidance in all internal and external dealings.

Cordant’s board of directors and executive leadership are knowledgeable about the content and operation of the compliance program and exercise reasonable oversight with respect to the implementation and effectiveness of the program. Cordant continues to increase our influence in the toxicology testing industry through our responsibility to honest and responsible business conduct, scientific advancement, and an innovative approach to being a trusted advisor to providers and payers.

We expect all who work at Cordant, as well as affiliated partners, consultants, agents, and business partners, to follow our compliance program, including abiding by our code of conduct, policies and procedures, and all applicable statutes, regulations, and guidance. The compliance program is focused on meeting the standards of federal and state laws, guidance, and recommendations relevant to healthcare organizations. These most notably include, but are not limited to, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Physician Self-Referral Act (commonly referred to as the Stark Law), the False Claims Act, the Whistleblower Protection Act, the Anti-Kickback Statute, and various comparable state laws.

Directed by the chief compliance officer and the compliance committee, Cordant’s compliance program sets criteria for our commitment to a high level of ethical standards.

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Below is the contact Information for attorneys or patients seeking protected health information:  Please fill out the attachment located here and email it to the appropriate lab.  

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Fax: 253-295-5404

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Email:  for attorneys or for client of record Fax:  928-526-1777

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