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March 21, 2017


Richard Stripp, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer at Cordant Health Solutions™, explains how a new testing technology gives clinicians the insight of steady-state blood testing while also offering the ease and benefits of oral fluid testing to help them assess medication levels for their chronic pain patients.

Introducing CORE™, Cordant’s Comprehensive Oral fluid Rx Evaluation — The first drug monitoring solution to correlate drug concentrations in oral fluid with drug levels in blood plasma. Offering individualized drug testing for pain management.

Two Options to Join This Live 20-Minute Professional Briefing to hear Dr. Stripp explain how this new technology can help clinicians better understand whether chronic pain patients are taking their medication as prescribed. CORE test results show whether a patient has reached the expected steady-state drug level for a given dosage, without the drawbacks of blood or urine testing.

To register please click on the time that works best for you. The live professional briefing will be 20 minutes.


“Dose-correlation testing helps doctors detect problems on how patients are taking or not taking their meds.  If a patient’s drug level is above or below the expected steady-state range at the prescribed dosage, the patient may not be taking the drug as directed or may have genetic or metabolic abnormalities that could require a therapy change.”

—Kwesi Grant-Acquah, M.D., a family physician at Omni Family Medical in Milwaukee. 


As Cordant’s chief scientific and technical officer, Dr. Stripp provides leadership to five toxicology laboratories across the country. He currently serves as a professor of forensic and clinical toxicology at the City University of New York. Additionally, Dr. Stripp is a member of various toxicology organizations, including the American Academy of Clinical Toxicology, and is a certified forensic consultant for the American Board of Forensic Examiners.

Dr. Stripp earned his PhD in pharmacology and toxicology from the St. John’s University College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions.

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