Cordant Health Solutions™ is dedicated to helping our clients use science and technology to determine the presence of a substance as well as the quantity ingested, time of ingestion, and history of intake. The purpose is to obtain a well-rounded picture of a substance’s interaction within the human body.

Toxicology testing can be performed in a number of ways. Cordant offers a range of drug-testing processes, from traditional screening and confirmation to initial screening with an in-office point-of-care device and/or final confirmation of positive screens at the lab.

The distinction between each method is based on the objective of the client, and the requirement of drug detection as each method possesses it’s own set of advantages and limitations.

Cordant is one of only a few drug-testing providers that can offer a complete selection of testing options: oral fluid, urine, blood, and hair.

Every testing option, called a modality, provides unique benefits in detecting and explaining drug use, and our variety of testing options gives us flexibility in serving a multitude of clients.For instance, a pain-management specialist prescribing opiates for chronic pain has a very different objective with drug testing than a probation officer verifying an individual’s compliance with a court order. Our drug-testing methods provide unique information about drug ingestion, as well as a targeted view of a person’s medication or illicit-drug use.

Cordant offers laboratory drug-testing services for the following uses:

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