Fox News Channel Highlights Country’s Opioid Epidemic

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April 20, 2017 (Denver, CO) – Fox News Channel recently did a series on our country’s opioid epidemic. The 5-day special report reviewed the history and origins of opioid abuse, from the advent of pain as a diagnosis, to the pharmaceutical industry’s development of painkillers, to the current opioid crisis, which has resulted in 52,000 opioid overdoses every year.

The special feature of this report, for Cordant, was an interview with our own Chief Scientific Officer, Richard Stripp, PhD. Dr. Stripp spoke about some of the ways in which the industry is addressing the crisis, including online patient record management and accessibility and a prescription drug called naloxone, which is taken to reverse an opioid overdose. Cordant’s pharmacies have been dispensing this medication, to eligible patients, for the last six months and will continue to partner with its clinicians to offer and educate patients on this lifesaving medication.

Click here to watch the Fox News Special Report.

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