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Cordant Awarded SAMHSA Certification for Ninth Continuous Year: Company Doubles Down on Quality Control in Support of Patient Care

DENVER, Aug. 9, 2018 – Cordant Health Solutions™, which provides innovative tools for monitoring behavioral health and chronic pain through its unique pharmacy and drug testing programs, is pleased to announce the renewal of its Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) certification for its forensic drug testing program that enables Cordant to test […]

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Nationwide Drug Take-Back Programs Fight Opioid Epidemic, Remove Temptations From the Home

Cordant Health Solutions, a leading provider of innovative monitoring tools for behavioral health and chronic pain organizations, sponsors its own easy-to-use, year-round prescription take-back program. Cordant partners with healthcare providers, substance use disorder treatment centers and hospitals to offer this service, which allows patients to safely and conveniently return unused prescribed medication for legal disposal. […]

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Annual Check-up: Is the Opioid Crisis Any Better?

An article written by TripleTree featuring Cordant as a company at the forefront of fighting the opioid crises. It is estimated that in 2016, 11.8 million individuals or approximately 4% of the U.S. population misused opioids and over 42 thousand individuals died of opioid overdoses – more than firearm homicides, car crashes, or H.I.V. at […]

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It’s Time to CHILD-Proof Your House

Removal of unused opioids from home medicine cabinets is key As parents we know that keeping our children safe around our home is important. We know to make sure poisonous cleaners are not in cabinets that young children can easily access. We know to cover our electrical outlets and put safety handles on all doors, […]

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A Colorado Company Taking A Life-Saving Drug Overdose Program To The Next Level

A comprehensive pharmacy service that provides medications for long-term conditions, including chronic pain and addiction. These pharmacies, operated by Cordant Health Solutions™, are making the life-saving drug naloxone available to all patients who are prescribed both opioid pain medications and a naloxone prescription as well. According to preliminary data reported by The New York Times, […]

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Virginia Babies Born Addicted to Opioids Have Quadrupled in the Last 4 Years

RICHMOND, Aug 31, 2017 — The Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association (VHHA) Shared Services Corporation has partnered with Cordant Health Solutions™ (Cordant) to combat the epidemic of infants being born with drug-withdrawal symptoms, a condition known as neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS). Data show that the number of NAS cases has quadrupled in Virginia from 2012 […]

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How A Low-Key Pharmacy Could Help Ease The Opioid Epidemic

In a recent article written by the IndyStar, a new pharmacy hopes to tackle the state’s opioid epidemic by keeping a tight rein on prescriptions and thieves away from their front door. Cordant Health Solutions, a Denver-based health care company, opened a controlled substance pharmacy in Indianapolis in October. Physicians send drug prescriptions for chronic […]

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