A New Kind of Office Visit to Reduce Opioid Overdoses

Borrowing a classic pharmaceutical sales technique, a group of doctors and pharmacists in California are catching medical providers between patients to talk about opioid prescribing habits, reports the Washington Post. This practice, known as “academic detailing,” a play on the pharma industry’s “pharmaceutical detailing,” is

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Why Some Patients Need Higher Doses of Opioids

Why do some people require high dosages of opioids to manage their pain, while others only need low dosages, or even cope without? The answer depends on the person’s metabolism and the cause of the pain. A very small number of people have a rare

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Why the Medical Expenses Deduction Matters

Last week House Republicans proposed eliminating the current deduction for medical expenses not compensated by insurance. The criteria for this deduction have varied widely since it was adopted in 1942, but so far it has always survived the chopping block. The IRS reports that approximately

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