Drugstore Chain Limits Opioid Prescriptions

CVS Caremark, the prescription drug management division of CVS Health drugstores, will limit opioid prescriptions for new patients to supplies for just seven days. It provides medications for some 90 million people and has considerable influence. CVS will also instruct its pharmacists to contact doctors

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What Urine Testing Doesn’t Tell You

Much of drug testing, particularly in the criminal justice arena, relies on classic urine testing. These tests are the historical go-to tests because they are quick and can check for a large number of illicit and abused substances. However, there is a tendency to over-interpret

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The Financial Cost of Substance Abuse

According to a national survey, 22.7 million Americans struggled with substance use disorders in 2013, but only 2.5 million received treatment. The gap between those who need treatment and those who receive it occurs largely for two reasons: many addicts do not seek treatment and

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