New, Secure Controlled Substance Pharmacy Opens in Indianapolis

Satisfies Doctors’ Needs for Improved Control of Pain Med Prescriptions

INDIANAPOLIS, Oct. 25, 2016 – Indiana physicians can be confident their pain medication prescriptions will be filled correctly and securely by working with a newly opened controlled substances pharmacy located in Indianapolis.

The new pharmacy is owned and operated by Denver-based Cordant Health Solutions, www.cordantsolutions.com, reduces risk for illegal duplication or alteration of controlled-substance prescriptions, and can decrease doctor shopping behavior while providing convenient access for patients who need these medications.  The new facility operates under top-notch security.

Community-based Solution

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, some 13 million prescriptions for controlled substances were dispensed in Indiana in 2014 and half were pain medications. Further, Indiana had the 15th highest rate of drug overdoses in the United States.

At an open-house event held today, former Drug Enforcement Administration official Michael Mapes said the specialized controlled substances pharmacy satisfies an unmet need in the fight against prescription pain medication abuse and fatal overdoses.

“This pharmacy is a community-based, private sector solution for controlling pain medication misuse that did not require legislation or a government regulation,” said Mapes, now a pharmacy compliance officer for Cordant. “It assures doctors they will be able to monitor treatment compliance effectively and help prevent drug misuse and diversion, while patients can be confident they will obtain medications they legitimately need.”  He added that the new pharmacy supports recommendations of Indiana’s Bitter Pill Task Force urging clinicians to limit their controlled substance prescriptions to one pharmacy.

“Traditional pharmacies are transaction-based, and doctors lose control of prescriptions the minute patients leave the office,” said Mapes.  “They trust patients will take medication as prescribed, but have no way of knowing if the prescription will be duplicated or altered or if the medication will be diverted or sold on the street.” 

Fail-safe Prescription Control

According to Robert Mann, senior vice president, Cordant Health Solutions, the specialized controlled substances pharmacy will benefit doctors and patients by offering several checks to assure that prescriptions are filled properly and delivered securely.  In short, the patient never touches the prescription.

“The prescriptions are picked up at the doctor’s office or the doctor can e-prescribe to the Cordant pharmacy.  The pharmacist checks the state’s prescription drug monitoring program (INSPECT) to learn if the patient is taking other medications that could cause serious drug interactions or overdoses, or if drugs are being obtained at multiple pharmacies or from multiple prescribers,” Mann explained.

Mann added that once the prescription clears PDMP review, the medication is delivered to the patient at home or work.   “We accept most insurance plans and obtain necessary coverage approvals. Patients do not have to spend time searching for a pharmacy that stocks narcotic analgesics.  Cordant dispenses all of the most commonly prescribed drugs for pain and ADHD, as well as other controlled substances and medications that are often prescribed in the treatment of patients with chronic pain, and we have significantly more controls in place to reduce the risk for abuse or diversion,” Mann explained.

The Indianapolis facility is Cordant’s third controlled-substances pharmacy.  The others are located in Denver and Kirkland, Wash. More than 500 physicians and some 5,000 patients are served by Cordant pharmacies.


About Cordant

Based in Denver, Cordant Health Solutions™ is at the forefront of combating today’s opioid epidemic through its network of toxicology laboratories and pharmacies. Cordant is committed to providing solutions for payers, clinicians and agencies involved with addiction, criminal justice and pain management.  Cordant is one of the only toxicology laboratories that includes a full-service, high-touch pharmacy that specializes in complex management and dispensing of controlled substances. Cordant provides testing protocols and digital case-management tools to help customers become more efficient and effective in using toxicology test results.