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Services Available

  • Pharmacist Medication Injection Provider – Pharmacist medication injection service for the administration of Vivitrol® injections
  • Home Delivery

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Cordant Pharmacy Solutions™ in Columbus, OH

The number of individuals battling substance use disorders is on the rise. For people dealing with substance use disorder, physical and mental health can be severely impacted, and continued use can lead to poor quality of life. Specialized Pharmacy Solutions From a Quality Team

Too often, patients fail to seek help for addiction because they don’t want to be judged or stigmatized. While treatment is beneficial in the recovery process, oftentimes patients face multiple barriers to obtaining the medications prescribed to help them in their treatment plan. Cordant Pharmacy Solutionsin Columbus, OH, helps patients access lifesaving specialty medications for opioid and substance use disorders in coordination with their treatment. Support your patient’s journey toward recovery by offering  our convenient and stigma-free  pharmacy solution in your practice

Some of the barriers to medication access patients face include schedules and arranging for transportation to a pharmacy, and limited or no availability of medications at some pharmacies. Cordant’s caring, friendly staff delivers medication dispensed by our pharmacy to patients in coordination with their treatment appointment right in your clinic. A Cordant employee maintains complete supervision of and responsibility for the medications, as each prescription is delivered on the same day as the appointment and never stored overnight in your facility.

Stigma-Free Medication Support

Cordant Pharmacy Solutions™ provides a managed medication-assisted treatment (MAT) pharmacy solution for providers who treat patients with opioid use disorder or addiction use disorder. A study shows that patients who receive their medication as a part of Cordant’s pharmacy program are twice as likely to continue with their treatment.  when they are able to receive their medication in your clinic. 

For patients receiving long-acting injectable therapies, Cordant Pharmacy Solutions also offers Vivitrol® and Sublocade® for delivery to providers in Ohio for in-office administration by a health care professional. Our Cordant Pharmacy Solutions™ located in Columbus, Ohio, also offers patients a convenient option of receiving their Vivitrol® injection in a private injection suite by one of our highly qualified and trained Cordant pharmacists. Cordant also dispenses medications commonly prescribed for mental health and other chronic co-occurring conditions that may affect patients in medication-assisted treatment.

A Pharmacy Solution You Can Trust

Cordant is a leader in quality standards for specialized pharmacy solutions.  Cordant’s managed MAT pharmacy program supports providers as they work to help people with opioid and substance use disorders in recovery reclaim their lives.  Find out more about how our pharmacy solutions can help your practice