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Pharmacist in Charge

Georgia Ososanya

Services Available

  • Pharmacist Medication Injection Provider – Convenient, private injection suite for pharmacist administration of Vivitrol® long-acting injectable medication for substance and opioid use disorders
  • Home Delivery

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Local, Reliable Resource for Addiction Treatment Medication in Oklahoma City

According to the Center for Disease Control, more than 70,000 Americans die in a single year as a result of a drug overdose. This number illuminates the urgency of our nation’s substance abuse problem, but solutions often remain out of reach for those in need. Cordant Pharmacy Solutions™ aims to change that by providing a specialized managed medication-assisted treatment (MAT) pharmacy solution in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, for patients with substance or opioid use disorder.

Judgment-Free Service

Perhaps the most important aspect of Cordant’s service is access to judgment- and stigma-free delivery of medications. We understand the challenges that can arise at many pharmacies, and we aim to avoid these problems through our commitment to efficient and compassionate service. Our pharmacists are experienced in dispensing medications for substance use disorder  treatment, and our goal is to help patients get their medications without the stigma they may encounter in some pharmacies. We work directly with clinicians to deliver medications to patients with effective, empathetic, high-quality care.

Medication-Assisted Treatment Pharmacy

The medication-assisted treatment pharmacy program available at Cordant Pharmacy Solutions offers on-site medication delivery for patients at clinics that provide treatment for substance and opioid use disorders. A Cordant pharmacy coordinator delivers medication to the patient at the clinic in coordination with their treatment appointment. Medications are supervised and delivered by the Cordant pharmacy coordinator and are never stored at the clinic overnight.

Increased Visibility into Patient Risk

The staff at Cordant Pharmacy Solutions is dedicated to serving patients in treatment for substance and opioid use disorders. Cordant pharmacists check prescriptions against the state’s prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) data and alert clinicians to potential risks.

Cordant Health Solutions® also offers drug testing services, that when combined with our pharmacy program, delivers integrated laboratory and pharmacy data reports that can increase visibility and insight into other potential risks to allow for prompt intervention and lead to improved patient compliance and adherence to treatment programs.

Medications and Treatments We Offer

Cordant delivers buprenorphine dispensed by the Cordant pharmacy to the patient at the time of their treatment appointment, either in-office or, for telemedicine programs, to the patient’s home. For patients receiving long-acting injectable therapies, Cordant delivers Vivitrol® to the clinic for administration by the provider during their scheduled visit.

Our Oklahoma City pharmacy is a Pharmacist Medication Injection Provider, offering a private injection suite for pharmacist-administered medication injection service for the administration of Vivitrol® injections.

In addition to drugs to treat substance use disorder, we can also fill prescriptions for maintenance drugs for mental health and other conditions.

We are committed to providing clinicians with the medications they need to continue helping patients, and we aim to assist members of the Oklahoma City community on their treatment path.

Helping The Oklahoma City Community Find Solutions

Substance abuse is an epidemic in the U.S., but Cordant Pharmacy Solutions is partnering with substance abuse treatment providers in the Oklahoma City area and offering life-saving medications that can treat substance abuse disorders. If you would like to learn more about our managed MAT pharmacy program, reach out to us online.

If you are a patient receiving treatment for an opioid or substance use disorder, ask your treatment provider if they offer Cordant’s pharmacy program so you can get your addiction treatment medications conveniently and privately during your treatment appointment.