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Addiction-related stigma is real, and we understand that patients often feel judged during the treatment journey. At Cordant, we know patients face unique challenges in getting treatment and that finding transportation to healthcare providers and pharmacies may be difficult. Cordant gives the option of having medication safely and securely delivered directly to a patient during their scheduled clinic visit. If a patient receives an injectable medication as part of their treatment plan, we coordinate the delivery to the provider to be ready on the injection date.

Cordant Pharmacy Benefits

Stigma-Free Experience

Our pharmacy staff understands the challenges faced by patients. We strive to provide the highest level of service and eliminate the hassle and stigma you could experience when getting your prescriptions filled.

Convenient Delivery
of Medication

Cordant will work with you and your provider to ensure you have access to your medications as needed via home or in-office delivery, helping to eliminate transportation and scheduling challenges.


Cordant ensures the availability of your medicine, no more hassle of trying to find a pharmacy that has your medication in stock.

How It Works

Getting started is easy! Simply talk to your provider and say “Cordant” when asked for your pharmacy of choice.

Your confirmation is required before filling your prescription. We will contact you via phone or text 48 hours before your prescription is due to be filled.

Cordant will deliver your medication to coincide with your next scheduled visit. Cordant staff will be on-site to deliver your medication to you securely.

Payment is also easy. Cordant accepts most insurance plans. We also offer competitive pricing on most medications. 

Cordant’s friendly staff will ensure you get your medication in a judgment-free environment, and our pharmacist is available to answer your medication questions.

What if your provider doesn't offer Cordant Pharmacy?

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of survey respondents reported they would recommend Cordant’s pharmacy program*

Get your medication with confidence, in confidence

When filling prescriptions with Cordant, you experience a completely new level of convenience and privacy.

  • 98% of patients surveyed felt that Cordant treats them with respect and genuinely cares about their well-being.*
  • 93% of patients surveyed believed that receiving certain medications at their treatment clinic, they are more likely to attend appointments and stick with treatment plans.*
*Based on 1,104 patient responses from an ongoing patient experience survey Dec. 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Complete the quick form below if you would like us to contact your provider to tell them about Cordant’s pharmacy program.