Study: 1 in 5 Pharmacies Nationwide Refused to Dispense Suboxone

A new study by researchers at Oregon Health and Science University and Oregon State University revealed that 1 in 5 pharmacies nationwide refused to dispense Suboxone. 

“As a healthcare community, we must do better and offer every available service to those seeking help for their substance use disorder. With the sharp increase in opioid-related overdoses over the past year, it is a tragedy that patients with addiction face stigma and barriers to access buprenorphine, a safe and effective medication that has been proven to reduce the risk of overdose and improve adherence to treatment programs. 

Working together with addiction treatment providers nationwide, Cordant’s managed medication-assisted treatment pharmacy program is dedicated to ensuring patients receive their much-needed medicine in a stigma-free environment, including in Portland, Oregon. Thank you to those in this field that continue to advocate for this patient group—together, I believe we can make a difference,” said Daniel Mandoli, Cordant Health Solutions’ President of Pharmacy Services.