Workers' Compensation

Targeted Testing: The Missing Piece in Medication Monitoring

Opioid misuse and abuse is a long-standing and growing concern for workers’ compensation payers. Identification of at-risk injured workers and early intervention can result in significantly lower costs and better claim outcomes. 

However, prescription use patterns are only one piece in understanding injured worker risk. Appropriate monitoring of worker compliance with a given treatment plan is the essential missing piece of the treatment puzzle.

Cordant Health Solutions® integrates payers’ pharmacy data with laboratory results to increase visibility into medication compliance and provide actionable insights to help keep injured workers safe during recovery, promote compliance and improve outcomes.

Decreased Claim Durations

Medication monitoring that promotes greater medication compliance, timely meaningful interventions and injured worker safety facilitates an earlier return to work and claim closure.

400 Days
Claims in Cordant's program closed 473 days faster than claims identified but not tested by Cordant*

Reduced Costs

Testing with Cordant results in fewer prescription refills, reducing the overall prescription costs of the claim. Combined with improved injured worker compliance and elimination of unnecessary testing, payers see significant cost reductions.

Promotes Worker Safety and Compliance

Injured workers show significant reductions in morphine milligram equivalent (MME) levels or were no longer prescribed opioids after testing with Cordant.

58% of injured workers had reduced or eliminated MME levels after testing with Cordant.*

*Analysis of 11,972 tests from a large national Workers’ Compensation payer using Cordant’s program; Jan 2017-Jun 2018

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0 %
Percentage of injured workers who showed improved medication compliance after initial testing
20 %
Increased rate of closure within 5 years compared with claimants identified as at risk by Cordant but not tested by Cordant

Analysis of 11,972 tests from a large national Workers’ Compensation payer using Cordant’s program; Jan 2017-Jun 2018