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Cordant Health Solutions™ is at the forefront of combating today’s opioid epidemic through its network of toxicology laboratories and pharmacies. Cordant is committed to providing cutting-edge solutions for payers, clinicians and agencies involved with addiction, criminal justice and pain management.  Cordant is one of the only toxicology laboratories that includes a full-service, high-touch pharmacy that specializes in complex management and dispensing of controlled substances. As a reliable partner, Cordant provides testing protocols and digital case-management tools to help its customers become more efficient and effective. Cordant strives to change the way its clients use toxicology results and assists its clients in navigating the ever-changing industries in which they operate.

Cordant will distinguish itself as a specialty market leader by providing and promoting:

  1. Solutions to monitor compliance of individuals and protection for our clients
  2. Service excellence through innovation, partnerships and actionable information
  3. Regulatory compliance in all business transactions and service-related activities and
  4. Lower treatment costs while improving the quality of patient care.

Commitment to Regulatory Compliance from the Top Down: Cordant’s unwavering commitment is demonstrated at every level of its enterprise, from its dedication to all application compliance regulatory guidance, laws and requirements through its interactions both internally and with clients, payers, patients and government agencies.

Service Excellence as Defined by Our Clients: Cordant seeks to understand the needs of our clients. Our goal is not only to meet but to exceed our client’s expectations. We shall take Cordant’s services to another level by first seeking to understand the needs of our clients, payers, patients and colleagues and then affirmatively taking steps to provide service excellence in all that we undertake.

Innovation to Add Value and to Differentiate Ourselves in the Market: Cordant continually innovates to create new and novel solutions for our clients. Cordant constantly assesses, evaluates and takes action to excel; we aim to set higher standards for the industry as a whole.

Integrity as Our Foundation: Cordant conducts its interactions and operations in such a way that we become a trusted advisor to clients, payers and patients. Team members are truthful, make and honor commitments and perform all services at the highest standards of ethical behavior.

Thoughtful Collaboration for Better Outcomes: We facilitate collaboration with clients, payers and team members and work together toward our common objectives and vision.

Accountability to Our Clients and Each Other: Every Cordant team member shall take responsibility for meeting commitments, listening and communicating; being compliant and ethical in our practices; and meeting our service excellence standards. We shall each take personal ownership of the results and always seek to continually improve. We will have the courage to acknowledge mistakes and do whatever is needed to address them.

Mutual Respect in Welcoming Input and Differences: Every Cordant team member treats clients, payers, patients and colleagues with the utmost respect and welcomes discussion of different approaches.

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