Urine Drug Testing

Urine drug testing is the most commonly used method in toxicology—and for good reason. It can reveal whether or not a patient has taken prescribed medication, determine whether a patient is using other medications that weren’t prescribed or illicit substances, and help indicate if a patient is diverting medications. This valuable insight can help a clinician reduce the risk of drug overdose or drug-to-drug interactions, leading to better patient care and reduced liability.

Cordant offers urine drug testing for addiction treatment, behavioral health, mental health, drug courts, correctional facilities, pre-employment drug screens, professional health programs, clinical labs, hospital-based labs, and more.

Benefits of Urine Testing

Parent Drug and Metabolite Detection

Urinalysis can detect high concentrations of parent drugs and their metabolites. Metabolite detection helps eliminate confusion over which substances have been consumed, cutting the risk of adverse drug-to-drug interactions.

Generous Detection Window

You get a view of substances that have passed through a patient’s system for up to six days, depending on the substance.


Urine drug testing can be conducted in a variety of ways to provide the information you need—instant results and full lab-based testing can all provide an in-depth look at recent drug use. Additionally, tests are available when adulteration is a concern.

Speed and Simplicity

Samples are collected without putting undue stress on patients or medical staff, and the test provides quick results. Quantitative results can be seen in as little as 48 hours.

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Detection Window

Clinical Use

Up to 6 Days

Up to 3 Days

7 Days to
3 Months

Up to 2 Days


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