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Cordant’s Comprehensive Mental Health Adherence Testing Identifies What Is Not Seen Today

In 2018, 9.2 million adult Americans had a co-occurring mental illness and substance use disorder.¹ Additionally, 2 million individuals in U.S. jails have a serious mental illness, with most having a co-occurring substance use disorder.²

While it’s widely known that medication adherence greatly improves outcomes in the treatment of substance use disorders and mental illness, and also helps to reduce rates of recidivism in the criminal justice system, clinicians generally overestimate their own ability to identify and quantify non-adherence among their patients.³

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Medication non-adherence accounts for 30–50% of treatment failures. 

Studies show that patients often overstate adherence because they fear disappointing their provider and that clinicians generally overestimate their own ability to identify and quantify non-adherence among their patients, highlighting the importance of objective and validated approaches to measurement, such as testing.
  • Non-adherence to antipsychotic medications averages 42% 
  • Non-adherence to antidepressant medications averages 34%

Medication Matters: Causes and Solutions to Medication Non-Adherence, National Council for Behavioral Health’s Medical Director Institute, September 2018

Cordant Health Solutions® supports the full spectrum of treatment, of which mental health is a critical component. We understand that medication adherence is vital in the effectiveness of treatment protocols, which is why we offer the most comprehensive mental health testing menu in the industry.

Mental Health Test Panel

Cordant currently has one of the most extensive mental health testing menus, with the ability to test for 62 mental health medications. Of these, 55 can be tested for using oral fluid (saliva). Cordant also offers an extensive drug testing menu available for more than 180 metabolites and parent drugs.

Stigma-Free Pharmacy Solution

Cordant offers a stigma-free pharmacy solution, improving access to mental health, substance use disorder and chronic pain medications. Cordant pharmacists also check prescriptions against the state’s prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) data and alert clinicians to potential risks.

Integrated Results Management Reports

Laboratory results management reports allow you to easily monitor your testing protocols, testing frequency and positivity trends to help you offer better care for your patients.

Easy-to-Use Online Lab and State PDMP Integration

Cordant's integrated solutions provide easy prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) access to increase visibility and insight for prompt intervention, leading to improved patient compliance and adherence to treatment programs.

What are you missing?

An analysis of drug test results from mental health patients in Cordant’s program where medications were reported as prescribed revealed surprising insights:

0 %
Demonstrated inconsistent results
0 %
Tested negative for prescribed medications
0 %
Tested positive for non-prescribed medications
0 %
Tested positive for illicit drugs

Analysis of 17,720 samples from mental health patients in Cordant’s program where a medication was reported as prescribed with the test order; Jan 2018–Sept 2019

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