Health Plans

Focused on Lower Costs for Payers and Patients, Appropriate Utilization and Better Outcomes

Cordant Health Solutions® works collaboratively with your organization to provide programs and reporting to optimize the use of toxicology lab services for your provider network and health plan members. Our goal is to be aligned with you to help support your policies around medication management services. We partner with you in a variety of ways to reduce out-of-network leakage and drive appropriate testing utilization.

We support our clients long before the first patient is tested. Our medication monitoring program includes multiple protocols to identify high-risk patients and provide actionable data to enable early-stage intervention for those who are abusing illicit drugs or who are non-compliant with treatment plans.

Exceptional Compliance Program

Cordant’s robust compliance program ensures all business practices are consistent with applicable legal and regulatory mandates and meet all elements of the OIG Model Compliance Program for Clinical Laboratories.

Based on quarterly reviews led by our compliance team, Cordant team members conduct in-person meetings with various clinicians to review aggregate drug testing results, including discussions on:

  • Drug testing frequency, review of the practice's positivity rates, medical necessity to support requirements, medical record documentation
  • Current health plan policies and how they relate to existing test ordering patterns

Full-Service Testing Capabilities

Through our capabilities to test urine, oral fluid/saliva, hair and blood, Cordant can be a consultative partner to ensure the right test at the right time and provide actionable information based on that testing. Our scientific expertise and breadth of testing afford us a key advantage in helping you maximize the tools and resources at your disposal to choose the tests that best suit your needs.

Insurance Networks and Payment

Our laboratories are in-network with insurance providers nationwide and partner with new payers regularly to eliminate unnecessary healthcare costs. We also maintain electronic data interfaces (EDIs) with nearly all of our payers to avoid processing errors.

Lower Costs for Payers

Cordant’s program helps better monitor patient test frequency. From 2016-2018, Tier 1 confirmations increased from 56.5% to 74.1%, while Tier 4 confirmations decreased from 17.5% to 1.4%.*

*n=15,351 tested claims from single payer, 2016-2018

Beyond Toxicology Testing

Cordant's solutions go beyond improving patient safety and outcomes to help your organization:

  • Reduce fraud, abuse and waste
  • Manage high-cost cases
  • Utilize healthcare dollars more effectively


We maintain certifications from the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA), and the College of American Pathologists (CAP) to not just meet but exceed industry quality standards.​