The Cordant Way

At Cordant Health Solutions®, in addition to our corporate values, we also have what we call The Cordant Way. The Cordant Way is actionable ways we all can live our values every day. At all levels, in all interactions, this is the way we choose to operate.

Assume Positive Intent From Others

• Go into each interaction with a constructive outlook.
• Consider whether your method of communication is appropriate for the message being delivered.
• Whether a colleague, patient or client, we never know what is going on in someone else’s life so always give others the benefit of the doubt.

Be Here

• Focus on the matter at hand.
• Give others your full attention.
• Refrain from texting, email and other distractions when interacting with others.

Celebrate Diversity

• Be You. Bring your most authentic self to work each day.
• Advocate for those around you. Inclusion is a shared responsibility.
• Cultivate compassion.
• Identify your unconscious biases. Check your blind spots.

Demonstrate Mutual Respect

• Avoid interrupting others while they are speaking.
• Be prepared and on time for meetings and appointments.
• Acknowledge and respond to messages from others in a timely manner.
• Remember that we win—and lose—as a team.

Engage in Open and Authentic Communication

• Offer feedback and suggestions for improvement even if you think it may be difficult for others to hear.
• Encourage team members at all levels of the organization to express their views.
• Speak up if you believe you may have critical information about an issue affecting a team member or the organization.

Focus on Solutions

• Learn from mistakes and focus on identifying opportunities for improvement instead.
• When identifying a problem, try to also present a solution.
• Refrain from blaming others in the face of adversity.
• Be accountable for your own actions or mistakes.

Think and Act Like Owners

• Embrace an innovative mindset to discover new areas for growth and improvement.
• Be a careful and responsible steward of the organization’s resources.
• We, as individuals and collectively, will achieve success as the organization succeeds.