The Cordant Way

At Cordant Health Solutions®, in addition to our corporate values, we also have what we call The Cordant Way. The Cordant Way is actionable ways we all can live our values every day. At all levels, in all interactions, this is the way we choose to operate.

Assume Positive Intent From Others

We are all part of one Cordant team; therefore we go into every discussion with a constructive outlook. We consider our method of communication when communicating with team members. If differences in opinions are strong, we connect in person or over the phone to discuss the right path forward.

Be Here

At Cordant, many decisions happen at the same time. However, we realize the importance of each individual decision and focus on the matter at hand. During meetings, we refrain from texting, email or other distractions. We also find solutions to better manage our time to be less tempted to lose focus during meetings.

Celebrate Diversity

We believe diversity in cultural backgrounds, identities and lived experiences makes Cordant a stronger company. We celebrate our differences and encourage team members to bring their authentic selves to Cordant each day. Our team leads with openness and acceptance, fostering a safe and inclusive environment for all.

Demonstrate Mutual Respect

In order to bring the best ideas forward, we encourage others to express their views openly. We demonstrate mutual regard in all our personal interactions and in all forms of communication. We demonstrate respect for each other by being prepared and on time for meetings.

Engage in Open and Authentic Communication

We realize the best ideas can come from any team member, regardless of title. Therefore, if we truly believe in something, we are respectful but do not change our stance based on who is present or because a senior leader has a conflicting opinion. We evaluate and debate ideas, not people. We speak up if we believe we may have critical information that could benefit the group.

Focus on Solutions

At Cordant, we focus our time and resources on identifying process failures and on finding solutions. Cordant is a fast-growing company that concentrates on ways to improve rather than where to place blame. We win as a team and lose as a team.

Think and Act Like Owners

We are a rapidly growing company, and we use this mindset as a backdrop for every decision and evaluation we make. We, as individuals and collectively, will achieve success as the organization succeeds.