Chronic Pain Management

Supporting the Full Spectrum of Chronic Pain Treatment

Cordant Health Solutions® offers unique testing platforms and risk monitoring tools that provide actionable data to help to protect providers, hold patients accountable to treatment plans and improve outcomes.

Laboratory results management reports increase visibility into medication compliance and enable early detection of patient risk factors, allowing for earlier and more effective interventions and better patient outcomes.​

Extensive Drug Testing Menu

Testing available for more than 180 metabolites and parent drugs

Cordant CORE™ Drug Testing

Until CORE, most physicians were not able to distinguish between patients taking only some of their medication and patients taking their medication as prescribed. The CORE test is the first patient monitoring tool to use saliva samples to help prescribers review whether a medication is present at a level consistent with the prescribed dosing regimen.

Risk Management Reports

Risk management reports allow you to easily monitor your testing protocols and ensure you are following them as you see appropriate, helping to protect you and offer better care for your patients.

Mental Health Test Panel

Cordant currently has one of the most extensive mental health testing menus, with the ability to test for 62 mental health medications. Of these, 55 can be tested for using saliva.

Improved Medication Adherence

Analysis of Cordant’s program revealed improved drug testing results with the utilization of protocol management reporting tools.

Over the past 2 years, samples demonstrating unexpected results due to unexpected drugs testing positive and/or prescribed medications not being detected from 49% to 36%.

n=440 and n=283 samples tested for health system’s primary care center in Q1 2017 and Q4 2018, respectively

0 %
Percentage of patients who showed improved medication compliance after initial inconsistent test

Analysis of 487 patients in Cordant’s integrated program for 6+ months; Oct. 2017–Oct. 2018

0 k+
Pills not dispensed due to pharmacist and prescriber interaction prior to fill

Analysis of Cordant pharmacy program; Jan.–Dec. 2018

0 %
Decrease in MME values for patients receiving both pain medication from Cordant’s pharmacy and routine risk assessments

Case study of 983 pain patients in Cordant’s pharmacy program; Dec. 2016–July 2018