Cordant Sentry™

A Drug Testing Management Solution That Supports Evidence-Based Programs

Cordant Sentry™ is an ideal drug testing management system for the behavioral health and criminal justice industries. Our secure, HIPAA-compliant solution helps you manage your patient or clients’ drug testing schedules and everyday collections efficiently and easily.

Real-Time Alerts and Notifications

Unexpected drug test results trigger real-time alerts to designated staff, allowing for immediate intervention.

Coordination of Care

Treatment providers and counselors can share important information with the appropriate people by uploading documents to the patient or client's files where deemed compliant with applicable privacy laws.

Electronic Records Management

Elimination of illegible writing and automatic population of demographic data saves time and improves record quality, while document storage allows quick and easy access to current and past results in a single location.

Create or Automate Your Testing Protocols

Easy automation to complex randomization schedules takes the guesswork out of testing patients or clients appropriately.

Enables Patients and Clients to Meet Drug Testing Guidance and Recommendations from ASAM and NADCP

Missed test alerts per day
Unexpected test result alerts per day
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Improves job efficiency and workflow

2018 Sentry user survey

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Improves patient adherence to drug testing requirements

2018 Sentry user survey

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