Compliance is a fundamental and critical component of our culture at Cordant Health Solutions®. No matter the source of the standard—whether federal or state regulation, guidelines, scientific review or customer request—we consider meeting, if not exceeding, these standards to be at the heart of everything we do.

Cordant’s Compliance Program guides our team members, consultants, and agents about compliance requirements, standards and advises them on how tasks must be performed. Our Compliance Program also supports clinician and payer efforts to reduce patient risk and achieve the best possible patient outcomes.

We know that compliance is critical to our continued success and to fulfilling our mission of combating today’s opioid epidemic through our pharmacy and toxicology services. From the top down, every team member understands the shared undertaking and responsibility of being a compliant and trusted partner to payers, clients and patients. We emphasize ethics and integrity as an essential aspect of the tasks of every team member. Cordant’s robust Compliance Program ensures that all our team members not only understand all pertinent laws and policies but also comprehend how those laws apply to them in their respective roles.

Key components of our Compliance Program also include annual and new-hire compliance training, regular updates of policies and procedures, and compliance reporting. At every level, Cordant promotes an organizational tone that encourages ethical conduct, promotes a reporting culture, and achieves buy-in from all team members regarding compliance with all applicable statutes, regulations, and guidance in all internal and external dealings.

Compliance due diligence, included auditing and monitoring, is folded into the processes and procedures that Cordant performs. All who work at Cordant are expected to follow our Compliance Program, which includes abiding by Cordant’s code of conduct, policies and procedures, and all applicable statutes, regulations, and guidance.

Cordant continues to increase its impact on the industries we serve through a commitment to ethical business conduct, innovative scientific advancement, comprehensive prescription review and delivery services, and honest and clear reporting to providers and payers.

For further information or to make a compliance report, contact Cordant Health Solutions at compliance@cordanths.com or call 303-749-0491.


If you are a patient or attorney and would like to request PHI, please complete our online Authorization to Disclose Protected Health Information form. Please contact our Lab Legal Support team at 253-328-7932 if you have any questions.