Cordant Health Solutions® offers a wide range of drug testing options and processes to meet the varying needs of each client. Each drug-testing option, or modality, provides unique information, as well as a targeted view of a person’s medication or illicit drug use.

Urine Testing

Urine testing is the most widely used drug-testing method and is suitable for multiple testing goals.

Oral Fluid (Saliva) Testing

Saliva, or oral fluid, testing is a simple and non-invasive drug testing method to gain insight into whether patients are taking medication as prescribed.

Hair Testing

Because of the long detection window in hair testing, it is an excellent option for measuring drug use over an extended period of time.

Blood Testing

Blood testing provides substantial insights into recent medication and/or illicit drug use and how much of a substance is present.




Up to 6 Days

Up to 3 Days

7 Days to
3 Months

Up to 2 Days

In this short video, Richard Stripp, Ph.D., Cordant’s Chief Scientific and Technical Officer, explains the different drug testing options available including urine testing, saliva testing, hair testing and blood testing. Cordant Health Solutions offers all four options.