Oral Fluid (Saliva) Drug Testing

Oral Fluid (Saliva) Drug Testing

Oral fluid has become a popular choice for drug testing. From substance use disorder treatment to workplace drug testing to criminal justice, many agencies and providers have embraced oral fluid testing as a valuable option to round out their testing protocols, achieve their program goals and increase accountability.

Cordant offers an extensive drug testing menu with over 180 metabolites and parent drugs, with more than 60 mental health testing options in oral fluid.

Benefits of Oral Fluid Testing

As Reliable, Sensitive and Accurate as Urine Drug Testing

Having undergone many advancements in recent years, oral fluid drug testing results are just as accurate and sensitive as urine drug testing. In addition, oral fluid testing provides legally defensible results that are admissible as evidence in courts across the country.

Nearly Impossible to Adulterate and No Dilution Effects

Drug use can be detected in oral fluid almost immediately after ingestion, with a maximum detection window of 1–3 days for most drugs. It is an ideal sample choice for identifying what illicit or prescription drug an individual has or has not taken recently, including THC. The shorter detection window is also helpful when monitoring adherence in patients who are prescribed daily medications.

Snapshot of Recent Drug Use

Oral fluid is a direct filtrate of blood, so test results show primarily parent drugs rather than the substance(s) the parent drug is metabolized into.

Identification of Parent Drugs Rather Than Metabolites

Oral fluid is a direct filtrate of blood, so test results show primarily parent drugs rather than the substance(s) the parent drug is metabolized into.

Low Drug Concentrations Detected

Because oral fluid is a direct filtrate of the blood and shows drugs actively circulating in the bloodstream, low drug concentrations of drugs will be detected, which is an especially important consideration when testing patients who are prescribed medications such as buprenorphine, which often appear only in very low levels.

Video-Observed Oral Fluid Testing

Cordant offers a video-observed oral fluid (saliva) drug testing solution for addiction treatment practices and government agencies that allows you to monitor your patients’ adherence to their treatment plans and continue to provide the highest level of care to your most vulnerable patients during these challenging times.

The Cordant Difference:
Going Above and Beyond What Other Laboratories Offer

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In this short video, Damon Borg, Ph.D. F-ABFT, Cordant’s Senior Scientific Director and Director of Research and Development, discusses why it is common for metabolites to not be present in oral fluid test results.

View the full video here.
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Detection Window

Clinical Use

Up to 6 Days

Up to 3 Days

7 Days to
3 Months

Up to 2 Days


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