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Cordant processes thousands of urine samples a day for treatment agencies, private-practice physicians, drug courts, correctional facilities, businesses requiring pre-employment drug screens, professional health programs, clinical labs, hospital-based labs, and more.

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The Cordant Difference: Going Above and Beyond What Other Toxicology Companies Offer

In this short video, Richard Stripp, Ph.D., Cordant’s Chief Scientific and Technical Officer, explains the different drug testing options available including urine testing, saliva testing, hair testing and blood testing. Cordant Health Solutions offers all four options.

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Up to 6 Days

  • Detects drug metabolites and parent drugs
  • Provides a relatively long window of detection
  • Most widely used but easiest to adulterate
  • Point-of-care testing options available

Up to 3 Days

  • Parent compounds, few metabolites
  • Non-invasive; ideal for routine medication monitoring
  • Useful in high-risk patients when adulteration or substitution of urine samples may be suspected
  • Easy to collect, no bathroom or other facilities needed

7 Days to
3 Months

  • Parent compounds and metabolites
  • Provides the longest window of detection
  • A valuable tool when onboarding new patients
  • Provides an accurate record of drug use in the last 90 days

Up to 2 Days

  • Parent compounds, few metabolites
  • Measurement of pharmacologically active drugs
  • Determination of steady-state medication concentration
  • Determination of impairment


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