Cleveland’s Heroin Epidemic

Cleveland is facing a heroin epidemic with more than 900 overdoses from the drug in the past year.  This is putting pressure on the healthcare system and the judicial system as drug courts, an alternative to incarceration for narcotics, are becoming overly utilized. There are
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Drug tests for West Virginia students

A state-run program, WorkForce West Virginia, only drug tests those participants who seek tuition reimbursement. The program serves 114,520 people in 2014 but only performed drug tests on 1,205 of them.  The program director talked about the drug testing policy implemented in 2012 and has collected
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New York Non-Acute Pain Medical Treatment Guidelines

UPDATE Effective Monday, December 15, 2014, urine drug testing (UDT) will become a mandatory component of New York’s chronic opioid management guidelines for the purposes of establishing a baseline and a process for ongoing assessment of injured workers’ adherence to prescribed opioid treatment. SUMMARY Section F.3.d.i of
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Drug Update: Shatter

A new street drug, “Shatter”, has hit the market in at least two states, Texas and Nebraska. It is a concentrated form of THC. It can appear amber in color and looks crystalline or glass-like. It is reported to have a much less distinct smell
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