Recruitment Fraud Alert

Please be on the alert for fraudulent job offers impersonating Cordant Health Solutions®.

  • Fraudsters and bad actors are frequently operating job scams and may target health care workers.
  • Cordant will NEVER conduct interviews over any Instant Messaging platforms.
  • Cordant will NEVER ask you for any account information, nor ask for payments for completing a job application or processing fees.
  • Cordant is committed to integrity and openness in our operations.

What is Recruitment Fraud?

Recruitment fraud is a sophisticated scam where criminals may offer fictitious job opportunities. This type of fraud is normally perpetrated through online services, such as job posting websites, bogus websites, or through unsolicited e-mails claiming to be from the company. These emails request that recipients provide personal information, bank information and sometimes payments, to process applications for jobs that do not exist.

Cordant will never ask for payment to process documents, to refer you to a third party, to process applications or ask you to pay other costs as part of the recruitment process. You should never send money to anyone suggesting they can secure employment with Cordant.

How to Identify Recruitment Fraud

  • Authentic communications with Cordant Health Solutions Human Resource professionals and recruiters will always come from an @cordanths.com email address.
  • Fraud perpetrators may request an interview over an instant messaging communication platform or SMS text messages and send fraudulent documents requesting personal information and bank routing information.
  • Fraud perpetrators may call asking to conduct a phone interview and request money or personal information to move forward with a fake job posting. Any communication requesting payment as part of the hiring process is not legitimate.
  • Fraud perpetrators may extend a job offer at above market rates with additional paid time off to entice a person to accept a fraudulent position and request the completion of an employment contract and bank routing information.
  • Most fraud attempts also reflect a huge sense of urgency (i.e., a do-it-now mentality.)

What to do if you are a victim?

Please view the Public Service Announcement from the FBI with recommended actions.