Drug Testing Insights on the Opioid Epidemic Landscape in Oregon

Presented by: Liz Kolb, MS, Vice President of Corporate Development & Strategy

We hear about the rise in fentanyl use and overdose every day – on the news, social media, and maybe even from friends and family. But what information are you NOT getting from those sources? Join Liz Kolb to discuss what we learned from looking at recent fentanyl and other drug testing data in Oregon to see what insights our clients might be missing and how Cordant can help improve treatment protocols and harm reduction strategies.

Takeaways from this educational webinar will include:

  • Substance use and adherence trends observed across Oregon pre-COVID, post-COVID and post-Measure 110
  • County-level and drug class-level substance use insights
  • Tools and services to integrate data-informed insight into treatment protocols and harm-reduction strategies 
  • Pharmacy services to support medication access, Naloxone availability and treatment of co-occurring conditions
This webinar is for educational purposes only and is not intended to offer medical, legal or regulatory advice.