At Cordant Health Solutions®, in addition to our corporate values, we also have what we call The Cordant Way. The Cordant Way is actionable ways we all can live our values every day. At all levels, in all interactions, this is the way we choose to operate.

Click the photos below to learn which Cordant Way resonates the most with each team member and why.

Be Here Now

The Cordant Way is the foundation for our work and relationships. Be Here Now is a key value for us to live in order to be mindful of our time together and to be respectful of each other; we avoid distractions when we are meeting or talking with each other.

Sue Sommer

President & CEO

Sue Sommer joined Cordant as president and CEO in April 2012 and brings more than two decades of medical industry leadership experience to the company. Prior to joining Cordant, Sue held the positions of vice president of Intersegment Management and vice president of Medicare Solutions with UnitedHealth Group®. She has extensive leadership experience in the pharmacy space, leading a $5B Managed Care division for Express Scripts®, leading the home infusion and specialty distribution subsidiary businesses as well as the integration and strategy for the specialty pharmacy business. Sue is a registered nurse and served at the BJC Hospital network in St. Louis, Missouri. She also received her MBA from Washington University in St. Louis.

Think and Act Like Owners

The principles of the Cordant Way help empower our team members to more effectively communicate, collaborate and make decisions that benefit us as a team. Embracing these principles allows us to be dynamic and agile, enabling us to continue to grow the company and most importantly, provide excellent service to our customers.

Brad Eckmann

Chief Financial and Corporate Strategy Officer

Brad Eckmann joined Cordant in 2013 and has served in several leadership roles before becoming Chief Financial and Corporate Strategy Officer in 2021. In his role, Brad is responsible for finance and accounting, revenue cycle management, data analytics, strategic planning, growth strategies, and mergers and acquisitions. Prior to joining Cordant, Brad served in various capacities at Waud Capital, a private equity firm in Chicago. While at Waud, he participated in the strategic direction of several companies, including as a board director at Acadia Healthcare and Maxum Petroleum. Prior to Waud, he served as an investment banking analyst at Morgan Stanley in New York and Chicago. Brad graduated from Indiana University Bloomington with a bachelor of science degree in accounting and finance.

Focus on Solutions

Our team is naturally creative, analytical and passionate about our clients’ success, which provides the foundation for us to focus on problem-solving. This approach benefits our clients, patients and team members because we view every new challenge as a resolvable step toward meeting our collective goals.

Rob Hubert

Chief Information Officer

Rob Hubert began with Cordant in June of 2016 as the vice president of pharmacy information systems and transitioned into his present role as chief information officer. Rob brings a strong background in the business of solutions management and modern software development architectures. His extensive skills include personnel management, finances, projects and business operations. He previously ran his own dynamic consulting company, so he knows what’s needed to direct client delivery teams to provide innovative solutions to the customer. Rob graduated from Southwestern Illinois College with an associate of applied science degree in data processing technology.

Think and Act Like Owners

When you think and act like an owner, your work is more meaningful and rewarding. You think about the most necessary items to help clients and your team. You feel responsible, take action and are fully invested in the organization's mission. You work to understand how the business is run, giving you a better understanding of how you fit, why you matter, and how you make an impact.

Glenda Knebel

Chief Human Resources Officer

Glenda Knebel brings more than 30 years of experience in HR, product and account management and has a diverse background in both private equity and Fortune 50 organizations in the travel, telecommunications and healthcare industries. She earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Central Missouri in communications and human resources. Glenda has a passion for promoting acceptance and inclusion and has served on the Special Olympics Board of Directors for the state of Missouri for the last five years.

Assume Positive Intent

How we approach a conversation dramatically affects the outcome. By assuming positive intentions from colleagues in every interaction, we build trust, create a more collaborative atmosphere and stay focused on solutions, even in difficult situations.

Bob Mann

Executive Vice President,
Integrated Services

Bob Mann joined Cordant in August of 2012. Bob has spent the last 10 years in the laboratory industry developing and implementing innovative programs for healthcare providers, hospitals and health plans. Prior to that, Bob was an entrepreneur and ran his own successful sales and marketing business. Bob has both an undergraduate and graduate degree from Clemson University.

Engage in Open and Authentic Communication

The key to our success comes from the way we share ideas and collaborate. We can express our ideas openly, even if they are unpopular or if we disagree with others, which allows us to work closely as a team to solve complex problems across many departments.

Valerie Ruttenberg

General Counsel

Valerie Ruttenberg joined Cordant in 2015 as general counsel. In 2021, Val transitioned to being the Chief Compliance Officer. Val is now returning to the position of general counsel. Val has almost 30 years of experience in healthcare law, including as managing counsel of Government Programs at Kaiser Permanente and as chief counsel of the Medicare division at United HealthGroup. Val attended Yale University for her undergraduate degree and the University of Pennsylvania Law School for her juris doctor degree. She also holds a certification in financial management from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business.

Engage in Open and Authentic Communication

I am very passionate about engaging in open and authentic communication because it creates an environment where new ideas are formulated and innovation is born. Being genuine and direct in our communication is the cornerstone of leadership and team-building and reinforces efforts to drive new markets.

Decia Stenzel

Behavioral Health Services

Decia Stenzel is president of behavioral health services at Cordant Health Solutions. She is a passionate senior executive with diverse experience in developing client-facing leadership and teams and developing and executing strategies in the healthcare industry. Decia’s experience includes more than 30 years in healthcare sales, marketing, client services, health plans, finance and operations. She has been with Cordant since 2012 and has held positions in sales and marketing as well as serving as chief growth officer. She is a graduate of the University of Minnesota, with a bachelor’s degree in human physiology.





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