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Cordant offers monthly educational webinars on toxicology testing. Learn from leaders in the toxicology industry.

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Everything You Need to Know About THC Testing

Everything You Need to Know About THC Testing

Cordant Scientific Director Damon Borg, Ph.D. leads this education webinar on the many details to be aware of in THC testing, including medicinal vs. recreational use, plant-based marijuana vs. synthetic, and the importance of creatinine levels.

Drug Testing Methodologies

An overview of the benefits and draw backs of the four drug testing methodologies, including urine, hair, oral fluid and blood. This webinar is led by senior scientific director Damon Borg, Ph.D.

How to Beat a Drug Test

Bert Toivola, Ph.D., a Cordant laboratory director, leads an informative webinar on the most common ways people try to beat drug tests and what signs to look for to detect these attempts.

Toxicology Testing Options

Richard Stripp, Ph.D., Cordant’s chief scientific and technical officer, explains the different toxicology drug testing options available today: urine, hair, oral fluid and blood.

ETG vs. Alcohol Testing

Bert Toivola, Ph.D., one of Cordant’s laboratory directors, leads this hour-long webinar about EtG versus alcohol testing using common examples and scenarios.

Creatinine And Dilution In Urine Testing

Diluting a urine specimen is a common way for patients in a drug-monitoring program to attempt to mask their drug use. Bert Toivola, Ph.D., leads this webinar on common methods of dilution.

Latest Updates on Spice and Bath Salts

Damon Borg, Ph.D., one of Cordant’s laboratory directors, leads this educational webinar on the latest updates on two dangerous street drugs: bath salts and Spice/K2.

Interpreting Drug Test Results

Navigating test results can take some practice. Watch this informative webinar to learn the basics, as well as some tips, on interpreting test results.

What Your Drug Testing Is Not Telling You

While drug testing is quite informative, some information cannot be garnered from a report alone. Review this webinar recording to learn what your drug test is and is not telling you.

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